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Positive Energy Only Bundle

  • $24.44

The “Positive Energy Only” bundle comes with (1) White Sage, (1) 7 Chakra White Sage, (1) Palo Santo Stick and (1) Abalone Shell medium. Each smudge stick is approximately 4 inches long. 

White Sage - White Sage is an ultimate cleanser, purifier and protector. Research has proven that burning sage removes up to 94% of bacteria in the air. Sage has anti-microbial properties, can change the mood or energy within a room and/or aura. Native Americans started using sacred sage to ward off evil spirits and/or negative energies. White sage was also used in ceremonies to seek blessings of health and prosperity and encourage protection. The idea is as the sage burns it releases its energy and protection, the smoke attaches itself to negative energies and as the smoke clear it takes the negative energy with it to the spiritual light. In return the light regenerates it into positive energy. Our white sage is sustainably grown in Southern California.

Seven Chakra White Sage - Our Seven Chakra White Sage has seven roses on top which represents the chakra. We like to associate this smudge stick with balance and alignment. A great time to use the Seven Chakra White Sage smudge stick is during yoga or meditation.

 Palo Santo is also known as Holy Wood. While smudging Palo Santo has a sweet smelling aroma, it drives away negative energies from one's home and aura, purifies a space, brings positive energy, high vibrations and good luck. It has as been known to have the capability to assist with colds, arthritis, asthma and other diseases. Palo Santo is harvested from indigenous trees in South America.

Abalone shells are a natural bowl to burn sage and other botanicals. It works great for containing smoldering herbs and incense. Abalone shells may also be used to catch falling ashes during smudging. The medium abalone shell is approximately 4-5 inches in length.